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Unit Conversion Calculator OR Engineering Unit Calculator


Engineering Units and Conversion Factors

foot/second2 [ft/s2], metre/second2 [m/s2],  galileo = gal = centimeter/second2 [Gal] = [cm/s2], inch/second2 [in/s2], standard gravity [g0], kilometer per hour/second [kph/s], miles per hour/second [mph/s]

arc minute = minute of arc [arcmin], arc second = second of arc [arcs], circle = circumference [CC]=[CIRC]=[circum] = revolution [rev] = turn [tr] , degree [°]=[deg], gradian [grad]=gon [g]= [gon], milliarcsecond [mas], quadrant [quadrant], radian [rad], sign [sign],

Solid angle [Ω]
  hemisphere [hemisphere], solid angle [Ω], square degree [deg2]=[(°)2]=[sq deg], square radian [sq rad]= steradian [sr], millisteradians [msr],

acre [ac], are [a], arpent [arpent], barn [b], centiare [ca], circular inch [circ in], circular mil [cmil], hectare[ha], kanal [kanal], marla [marla], rood [ro], section [section], square centimeter [cm2], square foot [sq ft]=[ft2], square inch [sq in]= [in2], square kilometer [km2], square metre [m2], square mile = section [sq mi]= [mi2], square mil=square thou [sq mil]=[mil2]=[th2],  square millimeter [mm2],  square yard [sc yd]=[yd2],  square rod=pole=perch [sq rd]=[rd2], township, yardland



farad [F] = [s4A2/m2kg]

abmho [abmho] = absiemens [abS] = gigasiemens [GS], picosiemens [pS], siemens [S] = mho [mho], statmho [statmho]

abampere [aA] = biot [biot], ampere [A], coulomb/second [C/s], coulomb (international)/second [C(Int)/s], faraday (chemical)/second [F(chem)/s], microampere [μA], milliampere [mA], statampere [statA],

kilogram/cubic metre [kg/m3] = gram/liter [g/l], kilogram/liter [kg/l] = gram/cubic centimetre [g/cm3]= ton(metric)/cubic metre [t/m3], once/gallon(US liquid) [oz/gal(US liq)] pound/cubic inch [lb/in3], pound/cubic foot [lb/ft3], pound/gallon(UK) [lb/gal(UK)], pound/gallon(US liquid) [lb/gal(US liq)], slug/cubic foot [sl/ft3], ton(short)/cubic yard [ton(short)/yd3], ton(long)/cubic yard [yd3]

abcoulomb [aC], ampere hour [Ah], ampere second [As], coloumb [C], coulomb international [C(Int)], electrostatic unit of charge [esu], faraday (chemical)[F(chem)]

abvolt [abV] = abampere.abohm [abA.abΩ], microvolt [μV], millivolt [mV], statvolt [statV] = erg/electrostatic unit of charge [erg/esu], volt [V] = joule/coulomb [J/C],

Barrels of oil equivalent [bboe], Billion barrels of oil equivalent [BBOE], british thermal unit [Btu] = [BTU], calorie [cal] = International Table calorie [ITcal], standard cubic foot of natural gas [scf NG], kilocalorie [kcal], dyne centimeter [dyn cm] = erg [erg], electron volt [eV], foot pound force [ft lbf] = pound-force-foot [lbf ft], foot poundal [ft pdl], gram force metre [gf m], gram force centimetre [gf cm], kilogram-force metre [kgf m] = kilopond metre [kpm], horsepower hour [hp h], inch-ounce force [in ozf], inch-pound force [in lbf], joule [J], kilojoule[kJ], liter-atmosphere [l atm], newtonmeter [Nm], kilonewtonmeter [kNm], quad [quad], therm [thm], watt hour [Wh],  kilowatt hour [kWh], watt second [Ws],

british thermal unit(international table)/pound [Btu(IT)/lb], gigajoule/tonne [GJ/t], kilocalorie/kilogram [kcal/kg] = calorie/gram[cal/g], kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] = joule/gram [J/g], kilowatt hour/kilogram [kWh/kg]

british thermal unit(international table)/cubic foot [Btu(IT)/ft3], british thermal unit(international table)/gallon(US liquid) [Btu(IT)/gal(US liq)], british thermal unit(international table)/liter [Btu(IT)/l], joule/cubic meter [J/m3], kilocalorie/cubic metre [kcal/m3]

See Volume flow

dyne [dyn], kilogram force [kgf]=kilopond [kp], newton [N], ounce force [ozf] (avoirdupois), poundal [pdl], pound force [lbf], kilopound force [kipf]=[kip]=[klb]=[klbf]  

hertz [Hz]= cycle/second [cps]

british thermal unit/hour [Btu/h], british thermal unit/second [Btu/s], foot-pound force/second [ft lbf/s], horsepower(Imperial) [hp(I)], horspower (metric) [hp(M)]=[hk], kilocalorie/hour [kcal/h], kilopond-meter/second [kpm/s], kilowatt [kW]=kilojoule/second [kJ/s], ton of refrigeration [ton of refrigeration], watt [W],

british thermal unit/(square foot hour) [Btu/(ft2 h)], kilocalorie/(square centimetre hour) [kcal/(cm2 h)], watt/square metre [W/m2]

british thermal unit(international table)/pound [Btu(IT)/lb], gigajoule/tonne [GJ/t], kilocalorie/kilogram [kcal/kg] = calorie/gram[cal/g], kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] = joule/gram [J/g], kilowatt hour/kilogram [kWh/kg]

british thermal unit(international table)/cubic foot [Btu(IT)/ft3], british thermal unit(international table)/gallon(US liquid) [Btu(IT)/gal(US liq)], british thermal unit(international table)/liter [Btu(IT)/l], joule/cubic metre [J/m3], kilocalorie/cubic metre [kcal/m3]

british thermal uni(international table/(square foot hour degree fahrenheit) [BTU(IT)/(ft2 h°F)], kilocalorie/(square metre hour degree celcius) [kcal/(m2 h°C)], watt/(square metre degree kelvin) [W/(m2 K)]

abhenry [abH]= Nanohenry [nH], henry [H] = ohm second [Ω s] = joule/square ampere [J/A2] = kilogram square metre/(square second square ampere) [kg m2/(s2A2)], microhenry [μH], millihenry [mH]

cable [cable], caliber [caliber], centimeter [cm], chain(Gunter's) = chain(surveyors') [ch], chain(Ramsden's) = chain(engineers') [ch], cubit [cubit], fathom (nautical) [ftm], fermi = femtometer [fm], foot [ft], furlong [fur], hand [hh]=[hd], inch [in], kilometer [km], light year, metre [m], milli-inch = millesimus [mil] = thousands of an inch [thou], micrometer=micron [μm], millimicron [mμ], (Gunther's) link [li], mile [mi], nautical mile [NM]=[nmi]= seamile [sm], perch = pole = rod [rd], pica [pc], pixel [px] point (ATA system) [pt], yard [yd], ångstrom [Å]

Metre is the British, SI and elsewhere spelling of the unit of length equal to 100 cm. Meter is the American spelling of the same unit.

footcandle [fc], gigalux [Glx], Lux [lx], lumen/square centimetre [lm/cm2], lumen/square foot [lm/ft2], lumen/square inch [lm/in2], millilux [mlx] = nox [nox], phot [ph]

candela steradian [cd sr], lumen [lm], lux square metre [lx m2]

candlepower [cp]=[CP], candlepower(new) [cp(new)] = candela [cd] = lumen/steradian [lm/sr], Hefnerkerze [HK]=hefner candle, millicandelas [mcd], voille [voille]

candela/square centimetre [cd/cm2] = (lumen/steradians)/square centimetre [lm/(sr cm2)], candela/square metre [cd/m2], lambert [L]=[Lb], (lumen/steradians)/square foot [lm/(sr ft2)],

gauss square centimetre [G cm2] = maxwell [Mw], magnetic flux quantum [Φ], milliweber [mWb], microweber [μWb], tesla square metre [T m2] = volt second [Vs] = weber [Wb] 

gamma-flux=gamma [γ], gauss [G]=[Gs] = maxwell/square centimeter [Mw/cm2] = line/square centimetre [line/cm2] = gilbert/centimeter [Gb/cm] , kilogram/(ampere square second) [kg/(A s2)] = tesla [T]

gilbert [Gb], ampere-turn [At]

atomic mass [u], carat [ct], cental=centum weight=quintal=hundredweight (short) [cwt], dram [dr], grain = grain (troy) [gr], gram [g], hectogram [hg], hundredweight (long) = hundredweight (imperial) [cwt], kilogram [kg], kilopound [kip], ounce (International avoirdupois) [oz], ounce (troy) [ozt]=ounce (apothecary), pennyweight=denarius weight [dwt]=[pwt]=[PW], pound (International avoirdupois) [lb] = pound mass [lbm], pound (apothecary) [lb(apothecary)]=pound (troy) [lbt] , scruple [scruple], slug [sl], stone=stone weight [st], ton (long)= ton(UK) = ton [ton], ton (short)=ton(US) [ton], tonne = ton (metric) [t]

kilogram/hour[kg/h], kilogram/second [kg/s], pound/hour [lb/h], pound/minute [lb/min], pound/second [lb/s], ounce/minute [oz/min], ounce/second [oz/s], tonne/day [t/d]

pound/square foot [lb/ft2], kilogram/square metre [kg/m2]

pound/foot [lb/ft], kilogram/metre [kg/m]

pound/cubic foot [lb/ft3], kilogram/cubic meter [kg/m3]

molar [M] = mole/liter solution [mol/l]

Mole [mol], kilomole [kmol], decimole [dmol], centimole[cmol], millimole [mmol], pound-mole [lb-mol]

cable length [cable], fathom [fathom], foot [ft], inch [in], kilometer/hour [km/h], knot [knot]=nautical mile/hour [nmi/h], metre [m], metre/second [m/s], mile (US, Imperial) [mi], nautical leage [NL]=[nl], meter [m], nautical mile [NM]=[nmi] = sea mile,  yard [yd]

british thermal unit/second [Btu/s]=[BTU/s], british thermal unit/hour [Btu/h]=[Btuh], calorie/second [cal/s], erg/second [erg/s], foot pound-force/second [ft lbf/s], horsepower = cheval vapeur [hp],  horsepower (boiler) [hp(S)], horsepower (electric) [hp(E)], horsepower (metric) [hp(M)],  horsepower (mechanical=hydraulic=brake =Imperial) [hp(I)]=[bhp], horsepower (water) [WHP], joule/s [J/s], kilocalorie/second [kcal/s], kilogram-force meter/second [kgf m/s], kilowatt [kW], thousand British Thermal Units/hour [MBH], volt-ampere [VA], watt [W],

(british thermal unit(international table)/hour)/square foot [Btu(IT)/(h ft2)], (kilocalorie(international table)/h)/square metre [kcal(IT)/(h m2)], watt/square metre [W/m2]

atmosphere [atm], bar [bar], barye [Ba] (French), centimeters of mercury at given temperature [cm Hg], centimeter of water at given temperature [cm H2O], dyne/centimeter2 [dyn/cm2], foot of water at given temperature [ft H2O], gram-force/centimeter2 [gf/cm2], inch of mercury at given temperature [in Hg], inch of water (gauge) at given temperature [igw], inch of water column at given temperature [in wc] or [wc], kgram force/centimeter2 [kgf/cm2], kgram force/meter2 [kgf/m2]=kilopond/meter2 [kp/m2] , meter of water at given temperature [m H2O], millimeter of mercury at given temperature [mm Hg], newton/meter2 [N/m2], ounce/square inch [oz/in2], pascal [Pa], pound-force/square foot [lbf/ft2]=[psf], pound-force/square inch [lbf/in2]=[psi], torr [Torr]

Note! When using pressure units based on liquid columns (like mm H2O, in H2O, mm Hg ...) - be aware that densities of liquids varies with temperature. For more exact conversions consult temperature density sources for the actual liquids.      

becquerel [Bq]=radioactive disintegration/second, curie [Ci], disintegration/minute [dpm], Gigabecquerel [GBq], microcurie [μCi], rutherford [Rd]

erg/gram [erg/g], gray [Gy], adsorbed radiation dose [rad], joule/kilogram [J/kg], milligray [mGy],  røntgen equivalent physical [rep]=parker [parker]

ampere second/kilogram [A s/kg], coulomb/kilogram [C/kg], røntgen(/roentgen) [R]= =german unit of radiation [german R]=tissue roentgen, french roentgen [french R]

microsievert [μSv], milli roentgen equivalent man [mrem], roentgen equivalent man [rem], sievert [Sv]=joule/kilogram [J/kg]

abohm [abΩ], megaohm [MΩ], microohm [μΩ], ohm [Ω]=volt/ampere [V/A],

degree/minute [deg/min], degree/week [deg/w], hertz [Hz], radians/hour [rad/h], radians/minute [rad/min], radians/second [rad/s], revolutions/day [r/d], revolutions/minute [rpm]=[RPM]=[r/min]=[rev/min] = tours par minute (french) [tr/min] = Umdrehungen pro Minute [U/min], revolutions per second [r/s]=cycle/second [cps]

cubic centimetre [cm3], cubic foot [ft3], cubic inch [in3], cubic metre [m3]

bel [B], decibel(sound pressure level) [dB SPL], neper [Np], pascal (root mean square sound pressure) [Pa]

british thermal unit/(pound degree fahrenheit) [Btu/(lb°F)] = kilocalorie/(kilogram degree celcius) [kcal/(kg°C)], joule/(kilogram degree kelvin) [J/(kgK)], kilocalorie/(pound degree fahrenheit) [kcal/(lb°F)], kilojoule/(kilogram degree kelvin) [kJ/(kgK)]=kilojoule/(kilogram degree celcius) [kJ/(kg°C)], kilowatthour/(kilogram degree kelvin) [kWh/(kg K)]

british thermal unit(international table)/pound [Btu(IT)/lb], gigajoule/tonne [GJ/t], kilocalorie/kilogram [kcal/kg] = calorie/gram[cal/g], kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] = joule/gram [J/g], kilowatt hour/kilogram [kWh/kg]

british thermal unit(international table)/cubic foot [Btu(IT)/ft3], british thermal unit(international table)/gallon(US liquid) [Btu(IT)/gal(US liq)], british thermal unit(international table)/liter [Btu(IT)/l], joule/cubic meter [J/m3], kilocalorie/cubic metre [kcal/m3]

cubic foot/pound [ft3/lb], cubic inch/pound [in3/lb], cubic metre/kg [m3/kg], gallon(US)/pound [gal(US)/lb], gallon(UK)/pound [gal(UK)/lb], liter/kilogram [l/kg]

chain [chain], foot[ft], furlong [furlong], hand [hand], inch [in], leage [leage], link [link], metre [m], mile [mi], rod[rd], yard [yd]

celsius = degrees centigrade [°C], degrees fahrenheit [°F], kelvin [K], degrees rankine [°R]

Temperature difference:

Note that °C is used for actual temperatures and C° is used for temperature differences.

british thermal unit(international)/(foot hour degree fahrenheit) [Btu(IT)/(ft h°F], british thermal unit(international)/(inch hour degree fahrenheit) [Btu(IT)/(in h°F], british thermal unit(international)*inch/(square foot*hour*degree fahrenheit) [(Btu(IT) in)/(ft² h°F)], kilocalorie/(metre hour degree celcius) [kcal/(m h°C)], joule/(centimetre second degree kelvin) [J/(cm s K)], watt/(metre degree kelvin) [W/(m°C)],

square feet/second [ft2/s], square feet/hour [ft2/h], square metre/hour [m2/h], square metre/second [m2/s]

length/(length degree fahrenheit) [in/(in°F)]=[m/(m°F)] = length/(length degree Rankin) [in/(in°R)]=[m/(m°R)], length/(length degree kelvin) [m/(m K)]=[in/(in K)]= length/(length degree celcius)[m/(m oC)]=[in/(in °C)]

degree fahrenheit hour/british thermal unit (international) [°F h/Btu(IT)] = degree rankin hour/british thermal unit(international) [°R h/Btu(IT)], degree kelvin/watt [K/W]=degree celcius/watt [°C/W]

centimetre degree kelvin/watt [cm K/W], foot degree fahrenheit hour/british thermal unit(international) [ft°F h/Btu(IT)], metre degree kelvin/watt [m K/W]=meter degree celcius/watt [m°C/W], square foot degree fahrenheit hour/(british thermal unit(international) inch) [ft2°F h/(Btu(IT) in)]

day (mean solar) [d], hour [h]=[hr], microsecond [μs], millisecond [ms], minute [min], month[month], nanosecond [ns], second [s]=[sec], sidereal day [d(sidereal)], sidereal month [month(sidereal)], sidereal year [y(sidereal)], week [week], year (calendar) [y]=[yr],

foot-pound torque [ft lbf], gram-force centimetre [gf cm] kilogram-force metre [kgf m] = kilopond metre [kpm], kilogram-force centimetre [kgf cm], millinewton metre [mN m], newton metre [N m], inch ounce-force [in ozf ], inch pound-force [in lbf]

Note that the unit of work ft-lbf (foot-pound) is in practice commonly used as the unit of torque in the Imperial system. The unit for torque is lbf-ft (pound-foot) - one pound of force acting at a perpendicular distance of one foot from a pivot point.

foot/minute [ft/min], foot/second [ft/s], inch/second [in/s], kilometre/hour [km/h], knot [knot] = nautical mile per hour, metre/second [m/s], mile/hour [mi/h]=[mph]

centipoise [cP], gram/(centimetre second) [g/(cm s)] = poise [P],  kilogram/metre second [kg/m s]=newton second/square metre [N s/m2]= pascal second [Pa s], pound/(foot hour) [lb/(ft h)], pound/(foot second) [lb/(ft s)], pound-force second/square foot [lbf s/ft2], reyn [reyn]= pound-force second/square inch [lbf s/in2]

centistoke [cSt] = square millimeter/second [mm2/s], square foot/hour [ft2/h], square foot/second [ft2/s], square inch/second [in2/s], square metre/hour [m2/h], square metre/second [m2/s], stoke [St] = square centimetre/second [cm2/s]

acre-foot [ac-ft], acre-inch [ac-in], barrel [bbl], bourbon barrel [bbl(bourbon)] = american standard barrel [ASB], barrel of oil [bo]=[bbl(oil)] board foot [board ft], bucket [bucket], bushel [bu], butt [butt], chaldron [chaldron], cord [cord], cubic centimetre [cm3] = milliliter [ml]=[mL], cubic decimetre [dm3] = liter [l]=[L], cubic foot [ft3], cubic inch [in3], cubic metre [m3], cubic mile [mi3], cubic yard [yd3], cup [c], dram=drachm [dr] = fluid dram [fl dr], fifth [fifth], fluid ounce [fl oz] = shot [shot], gallon [gal], gill [gi], hectoliter [hl]=[hL], hogshead [hhd], jigger [jigger], minim [min], peck [pk], pint [pt], quart [qt], spice measure [spice measure], tablespoon [Tbsp], teaspoon [tsp]

Abbreviations for areas of use: UK= United Kingdom = Imperical     US= United States of America   dry= dry volumes   fed= federal   liq= liquid volumes    met= metric

barrel/day [bbl/d], barrel of oil/day [bo/d]=[bbl(oil)/d], cubic centimetre/second [cm3/s], cubic decimetre/hour [dm3/h]=liter/hour [l/h], cubic decimetre/minute [dm3/min]=liter/minute [l/min], cubic decimetre/second [dm3/s]=liter/second [l/s], cubic foot/minute [ft3/min]=[cfm], cubic foot/second [ft3/s], cubic inch/second [in3/s], cubic metre/hour [m3/h], cubic inch/minute [in3/min], cubic metre/second [m3/s], cubic yard/hour [yd3/h], cubic yard/minute [yd3/min], gallon/day [gal/d], gallon/hour [gal/h], gallon/minute [gal/min], pint/second [pt/s], quart/second [qt/s]

Abbreviations for areas of use: UK= United Kingdom = Imperical     US= United States of America   dry= dry volumes   liq= liquid volumes   

See - Mass

See - Energy

This Unit Conversion Calculator OR Engineering Unit Calculator helps to convert following engineering parameters and respactive units.

Unit conversions between Units = Meter/sq.sec (m/sec^2), Foot/sq.sec (ft/sec^2), G (g), Galileo (gal), Inch/sq.sec (in/sec^2)

Unit conversions between Units = Square meter (m^2), Acre (acre), Are, Barn (barn), Hectare, Rood, Square centimeter, Square kilometer, Circular mil, Square foot (ft^2), Square inch (in^2), Square mile (mi^2), Square yard (yd^2)

Unit conversions between Units = Newton-meter (N m), Dyne-centimeter(dy cm), Kgrf-meter (kgf m), lbf-inch (lbf in), lbf-foot (lbf ft)

Unit conversions between Units = Coulomb (Cb), Abcoulomb, Ampere hour (A hr), Faraday (F), Statcoulomb, Millifaraday (mF), Microfaraday (mu-F), Picofaraday (pF)

Unit conversions between Units = Joule (J), BTU (mean), BTU (thermochemical), Calorie (SI) (cal), Calorie (mean)(cal), Calorie (thermo), Electron volt (eV), Erg (erg), Foot-pound force, Foot-poundal, Horsepower-hour, Kilocalorie (SI)(kcal), Kilocalorie (mean)(kcal), ilowatt-hour (kW hr), Ton of TNT, Volt-coulomb (V Cb), Watt-hour (W hr), Watt-second (W sec

Unit conversions between Units = Newton (N), Dyne (dy), Kilogram force (kgf), Kilopond force (kpf), Kip (k), Ounce force (ozf), Pound force (lbf), Poundal

Force / Length
Unit conversions between Units = Newton/meter (N/m), Pound force/inch (lbf/in), Pound force/foot (lbf/ft)

Unit conversions between Units = Meter (m), Angstrom (A'), Astronomical unit (AU), Caliber (cal), Centimeter (cm), Kilometer (km), Ell, Em, Fathom, Furlong, Fermi (fm), Foot (ft), Inch (in), League (int'l), League (UK), Light year (LY), Micrometer (mu-m), Mil, Millimeter (mm), Nanometer (nm), Mile (int'l nautical), Mile (UK nautical), Mile (US nautical), Mile (US statute), Parsec, Pica (printer), Picometer (pm), Point (pt), Rod, Yard (yd)

Unit conversions between Units = Lumen/sq.meter (Lu/m^2), Lumen/sq.centimeter, Lumen/sq.foot, Foot-candle (ft-cdl), Foot-lambert, Candela/sq.meter, Candela/sq.centimeter, Lux (lux), Phot

Unit conversions between Units = Kilogram (kgr), Gram (gr), Milligram (mgr), Microgram (mu-gr), Carat (metric)(ct), Hundredweight (long), Hundredweight (short), Pound mass (lbm), Pound mass (troy), Ounce mass (ozm), Ounce mass (troy), Slug, Ton (assay), Ton (long), Ton (short), Ton (metric), Tonne

Mass Flow
Unit conversions between Units = Kilogram/second (kgr/sec), Pound mass/sec (lbm/sec), Pound mass/min (lbm/min)

Density & Mass capacity
Unit conversions between Units = Kilogram/cub.meter, Grain/gallon, Grams/cm^3 (gr/cc), Pound mass/cubic foot, Pound mass/cubic-inch, Ounces/gallon (UK,liq), Ounces/gallon (US,liq), Ounces (mass)/inch, Pound mass/gal (UK,liq), Pound mass/gal (US,liq), Slug/cubic foot, Tons (long,mass)/cub.yard

Unit conversions between Units = Watt (W), Kilowatt (kW), Megawatt (MW), Milliwatt (mW), BTU (SI)/hour, BTU (thermo)/second, BTU (thermo)/minute, BTU (thermo)/hour, Calorie (thermo)/second, Calorie (thermo)/minute, Erg/second, Foot-pound force/hour, Foot-pound force/minute, Foot-pound force/second, Horsepower (550 ft lbf/s), Horsepower (electric), Horsepower (boiler), Horsepower (metric), Horsepower (UK), Kilocalorie (thermo)/min, Kilocalorie (thermo)/sec

Pressure & Stress
Unit conversions between Units = Newton/sq.meter, Atmosphere (normal), Atmosphere (techinical), Bar, Centimeter mercury (cmHg), Centimeter water (4'C), Decibar, Kgr force/sq.centimeter, Kgr force/sq.meter, Kip/square inch, Millibar, Millimeter mercury(mmHg), Pascal (Pa), Kilopascal (kPa), Megapascal (Mpa), Poundal/sq.foot, Pound-force/sq.foot, ound-force/sq.inch (psi), Torr (mmHg,0'C)

Unit conversions between Units = Degrees Celsius ('C), Degrees Fahrenheit ('F), Degrees Kelvin ('K), Degrees Rankine ('R)

Unit conversions between Units = Second (sec), Day (mean solar), Day (sidereal), Hour (mean solar), Hour (sidereal), Minute (mean solar), Minute (sidereal), Month (mean calendar), Second (sidereal), Year (calendar), Year (tropical), Year (sidereal)

Velocity & Speed
Unit conversions between Units = Meter/second (m/sec), Foot/minute (ft/min), Foot/second (ft/sec), Kilometer/hour (kph), Knot (int'l), Mile (US)/hour (mph), Mile (nautical)/hour, Mile (US)/minute, Mile (US)/second, Speed of light (c), Mach (STP)(a)

Unit conversions between Units = Newton-second/meter, Centipoise, Centistoke, Sq.foot/second, Poise, Poundal-second/sq.foot, Pound mass/foot-second, Pound force-second/sq.foot, Rhe, Slug/foot-second, Stoke

Volume & Capacity
Unit conversions between Units = Cubic Meter (m^3), Cubic centimeter, Cubic millimeter, Acre-foot, Barrel (oil), Board foot, Bushel (US), Cup, Fluid ounce (US), Cubic foot, Gallon (UK), Gallon (US,dry), allon (US,liq), Gill (UK), Gill (US), Cubic inch (in^3), Liter (new), Liter (old), Ounce (UK,fluid), Ounce (US,fluid), Peck (US), Pint (US,dry), Pint (US,liq), Quart (US,dry), Quart (US,liq), Stere, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Ton (register), Cubic yard,

Volume Flow
Unit conversions between Units = Cubic meter/second, Cubic foot/second, Cubic foot/minute, Cubic inches/minute, Gallons (US,liq)/minute