25 useful google search tips

25 useful Google search tips

Transform the way you search on Google and save time using 25 useful Google search tips

1. Search for an exact phrase, word or quote:

When you want to search on Google for exact word or quote, use quotation mark (“exact word or quote”)

Search exact phrase

2. Exclude a word/ phrase from a search results:

When you want to exclude any specific word/ phrase, use minus or dash (-) symbol before the specific word. You can use multiple (-) mark to exclude or omit multiple words from the search results

Exclude word

3. Search for statements with missing words:

When you do not remember any word in the statement, you can use asterisk wildcard (*) mark at missing words. For multiple words, multiple asterisk marks can be used.

search with missing words

4. Search for a cached version of a website:

When you want to view older version of  website, there is a possibility that you can see the content from Google cache and you may find the content you want, which is not available on live web page. Use the syntax, cache:url.

search cached version of website

5. Search results from a specific website:

When you want to search any specific content from the specific website, write phrase or word to be search followed by site:url of site.

search from specific website

6. Search for similar websites:

When you are looking for the websites, which is similar to the known website to you, type related:url.

search for similar website

7. Specific file type search such as ppt:

If you are searching for readymade documents, presentation or pdf file, you can search using Google. For example, if you are looking for presentation file, use search query as filetype:ppt. Similarly, you can find doc, pdf, psd etc.

search specific file type

8. Search privacy protection:

Startpage.com is a website; you can use to search with privacy. As per Wikipedia, “Startpage is a Dutch search engine company that highlights privacy as its distinguishing feature. The website advertises that it allows users to obtain Google Search results while protecting users’ privacy by not storing personal information or search data and removing all trackers”.

9. How to only display results that include search term in page title:

When you want to search a website having specific title, you can use the search query, intitle:search query.

Similarly you can search text only using intext: or allintext:. This will allow you to only search in the text of a site.

find search term in the webpage title

10. Similar or exact image search:

When you want to search the website with a specific image, you can use the search engine, Image.google.com. Upload the image from local drive or paste the image link address in search bar and click on search button.

11. Search range:

When you are searching any range of data, you can use three dots (…) to search within a range of numbers. For example, capsule size 000…5.

search range

12. Use ‘or’ to search for multiple phrases:

When you want to search the multiple phrases in options, you can use OR between the alternative phrases.

search multiple phrases

13. Use link: to search a page that links to another page:

When you want to search the web page having specific link, you can use this search query, “link:”

search the web page having specific link

14. Convert number into word:

When you want to spell any number into word, you can use the search query, number=English. For example, 88989898989=English will give results “eighty-eight billion nine hundred eighty-nine million eight hundred ninety-eight thousand nine hundred eighty-nine”

Convert number into word

15. Use calculation using chrome browser address bar:

You can use Google chrome browser address bar as a calculator. You need not to search a calculator and you can do quick calculation.

14 tech publish google search tips e1621709402298

16. Direct translate word with one click in any language:

 If you want to translate any word instantly, you can type in Google Search box, for example, “medicine meaning in Chinese”

Direct translate word with one click

17. Search for Sunrise and Sunset time of any place:

When you want to know the Sunrise and Sunset time of any place, you can simply follow the below step.

search for Sunrise and Sunset time of any place

18. Set Google Search Result Time Restraints:

Follow the below steps to search time restraints.

Google Search Result with Time Restraints

19. Do math using Google search box:

You can do math using Google search box as follows.

math using Google search box

20. Money and unit conversions:

You can instantly covert unit or currency rate conversion.

covert unit or currency rate conversion

21. Track Packages in Google Search and Check Flight Times:

You can easily track most packages using your search bar. Just type the tracking number into search bar and you will get the results.

22. Google voice search:

You can search anything without typing, using the voice search option.

23. Search for the time:

If you want to know the specific timing of specific location compared to your time or vice versa, Google will do it easily for you as below.

24. Track Google results with Google Trends:

Google Trends can help you to perform comparative analysis of keyword research for specific key word.

25. Play Games in Google Search:

Google has some secret fun few hidden games you can play when you need a break from work. These games are free and can be a great way to relax.

Atari Breakout, Snake, Zerg Rush, Google Earth Flight Simulator, Pacman, T Rex Dash, tic tac toe

Play Games using Google Search

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