SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Muffle Furnace

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Muffle Furnace

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Muffle Furnace

1.0 Purpose:

To lay down a procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Muffle Furnace.

2.0 Scope:

The scope of this procedure is applicable for Operation and Cleaning of Muffle Furnace.

3.0 Responsibility:

QC- Personnel:

  • To Operate and Clean Muffle Furnace.
  • To Monitor the Activity.

Head QC/ Designee: To monitor the activity.

4.0 Definitions:

Definitions: NA

5.0 Procedure:

5.1 Ensure that the Muffle Furnace is clean before and after every operation.

5.2 Ensure that the door of Muffle Furnace is properly closed.

5.3 Mapping (Frequency Yearly ± 30 Days) and Calibration of Temperature Sensor & Temperature Controller (Frequency Half yearly ± 15 Days) performed by Approved External Agency.

5.4 Silica crucible should not touch the thermocouple or thermal fuse.

5.5 Always use pair of tongs and Heat Resistant hand gloves to take out the crucible from the Muffle Furnace.

5.6 Do not put your hand inside the Muffle Furnace during operation.

5.7 Operating Procedure:

5.7.1 Switch “ON” the Mains.

5.7.2 Close the door of the Muffle Furnace tightly.

5.7.3 Switch “ON” the Mains of the Equipment.

5.7.4 Set the required temperature by pressing Set switch on controller, press UP [▲] to increase temperature and DOWN [▼] to decrease temperature, then release the Set switch to confirm the set temperature.

5.7.5 Once the temperature is reached, open the door.

5.7.6 Put the Silica or Platinum Crucible with or without sample and close the door.

5.7.7 Maintain the temperature for specified time.

5.7.8 After completion of specified time open the door and take out silica or platinum crucible with or without sample by using pair of tongs and keep it in desiccators.

5.7.9 Close the door.

5.7.10 Switch “OFF” the Mains of the Equipment.

5.7.11 Switch “OFF” the Mains.

5.8 Cleaning Procedure:

5.8.1 Disconnect the power supply of the Muffle Furnace.

5.8.2 Allow the Equipment to cool down at room temperature.

5.8.3 Clean the interior of the Furnace (when cool) with dry clean cloth.

5.8.4 Clean the outer surface of Equipment with wet clean cloth followed by dry clean cloth.

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

Not Applicable.

7.0 Frequency:

  • Operation: As and when required.
  • Cleaning: As and when required.

8.0 Format for recording:

8.1 Instrument Usage Logbook.


Name of   Product          

Batch No.           

Instrument use Start Time

Instrument use End Time             

A.R.No./ Lot.No.              


Checked By        


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