SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Scott Volumeter

SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Scott Volumeter

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Scott Volumeter

1.0 Purpose:

To lay down a procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Scott Volumeter.

2.0 Scope:

The scope of this procedure is applicable for Operation and Cleaning of Scott Volumeter located in Quality Control Laboratory.

3.0 Responsibility:

QC Personnel: To Operate and Clean Scott Volumeter

Head QC/Designee: To Monitor the Activity.

4.0 Definitions:


5.0 Procedure:

5.1 The Scott Volumeter measures Bulk Density according to USP Method II.

5.2 Weigh the empty Sample Receiving Cup (Density Cup).

5.3 Place the Sample Receiving Cup (Density Cup) at the bottom of the Baffle Assembly.

5.4 Slowly pour an excess of powder through the Powder Funnel.

5.5 The Powder Funnel consists of an 18 # sieve through which the powder passes.

5.6 The Funnel is mounted over a Baffle Box containing four Glass Baffle Plates over which the powder slides and bounces as it passes.

5.7 The Powder is collected in the Cylindrical Cup (Density Cup), mounted below the Baffle Assembly.

5.8 When the powder overflows in the Density Cup, carefully scrape excess powder from the top of the cup with a spatula, being careful not to compress or remove powder from the cup.

5.9 Remove any material from the sides of the cup and determine the weight of the Powder (M).

5.10 Weight of empty Density Cup = ‘X’

Weight of Density Cup + Powder = ‘Y’

Weight of Powder (M) = Y – X

5.11 Transfer the content of the Density Cup into a measuring cylinder and measure the Volume (Vo).

5.12 Calculate the Bulk Density in g per ml,

Bulk Density = Weight of Powder (M)/ Volume (Vo)

5.13 Cleaning Procedure: Clean the Scott Volumeter with dry clean cloth.

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

Not Applicable.

7.0 Frequency:

Operation: As and when required.

Cleaning: After each and every Operation.

8.0 Format for recording:

8.1 Instrument Usage Logbook

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