SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Vacuum Oven

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Vacuum Oven

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Vacuum Oven

1.0 Purpose:

To lay down a procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Vacuum Oven.

2.0 Scope:

The scope of this SOP is applicable for Operation and Cleaning of Vacuum Oven at [Company name].

3.0 Responsibility:

QC-Personnel: To Operate and Clean Vacuum Oven.

Head-QC/Designee: To Monitor the Activity.

4.0 Definitions:


5.0 Procedure:

5.1 Door should be closed when in use.

5.2 Operate the Vacuum Oven between, 5C above the ambient temperature to 150 °C.

5.3 Ensure that the Instrument is within the Validity period of Calibration.

5.4 Always use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like Heat resistant hand gloves, Safety Goggles, Nose Mask, etc, while Operating Vacuum Oven.

5.5 Operation :

5.5.1 Switch “ON” the Mains.

5.5.2 Load the material inside the Oven. Close the door firmly.

5.5.3 If required, connect the Vacuum Pump to the Oven. Start the Vacuum Pump.

5.5.4 Select the high, medium or low position of heaters. If the temperature is below 80°C set the switch on low position and if the temperature is between 80°C to 120 °C put the switch on the medium position and if the required temperature is above 120 °C set the switch on high position.

5.5.5 Set the controller for required temperature.

5.5.6 When the temperature reaches the set level, controller will start operating. It will set heaters “ON” and “OFF” and maintains the set temperature with an accuracy of ± 1 °C.

5.5.7 Continue the Oven up to the required time.

5.5.8 After completion of work switch “OFF” the mains.

5.6 Cleaning:

5.6.1 Disconnect the power supply of Oven.

5.6.2 Ensure that the Oven is empty.

5.6.3 Clean the interior of Oven by dry clean cloth.

5.6.4 Finally wipe out the exterior of Oven with a damp cloth.

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

Not Applicable.

7.0 Frequency:

7.1 Operation: As and when required.

7.2 Cleaning: As per defined procedure

8.0 Format for recording:

8.1 Format for “Instrument Usage Logbook”.


Name of the product/ material  

Batch No.           


Temperature ºC

Instrument usage Start time       

Instrument usage End time         

Inspection Lot No. / A.R. No.

Analyzed by       

Checked by        


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