SOP for Operation, Cleaning, and Sanitization of Lift used in pharmaceuticals for material movement

Operation Cleaning and Sanitization of Material Movement Lift

Standard Operating Procedure for Operation, Cleaning, and Sanitization of Lift or hoist used in pharmaceuticals for material movement

1. Purpose

To provide a standard operating procedure for Operation, Cleaning, and Sanitization of Lift or hoist used for material movement in manufacturing and warehouse areas.

2. Scope

The scope of this SOP is applicable for Operation, Cleaning, and Sanitization of Lift or hoist used for material movement in manufacturing and warehouse areas at [company name].

3. Responsibility

Warehouse and Production personnel: Operation of Lift or hoist for material movement from one area to another area (without man travelling through the lift or hoist)

Warehouse and Production personnel: Cleaning and sanitization ofLift or hoist as per the frequency. To communicate for maintenance to the engineering department (need based in case of breakdown or abnormality)

Warehouse and Production supervisor: effectively implementation of procedure

Warehouse and Production head: To monitor procedural and safety compliance.

4. Definitions

Not applicable

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5. Procedure

5.1 Safety measures while operation, cleaning and maintenance of lift or hoist:

5.1.1 Only material movement shall be done using the lift, man movement shall be restricted to prevent any health hazard because of accidental exposure of material or potential for explosion while transferring inflammable materials.

5.1.2 Ensure that lift is not under maintenance at the time of use.

5.1.3 Ensure that all the safety requirements are in place, such as emergency buttons, phone line provided in the lift, validity of maintenance and license.

5.1.4 Material shall not be overstated beyond the safety markings and beyond the rated weight.

5.1.5 In case of solvent/ liquid is transferring using the lift; it should be ensured that there is no possibility of accidental spillage or possibility of material container fall down inside the lift.

5.1.6 Ensure that lift only operates when doors are properly closed. Lift should not get operated if door is partially open from any side of the lift, i.e. lift inner door, out door and any door of any floor.

5.1.7 Ensure that periodic third party inspection is within due period.

5.2 Operation of lift or hoist:

5.2.1 Lift shall be used for material movement by production or warehouse person as and when material needs to be transferred from one floor to another floor.

5.2.2 There should be one sender and one recipient of material either side of material transfer. Once, material is safely loaded in to the lift, close the door and send the lift to respective floor.

5.2.3 While using the lift, if any abnormality noted, immediately escalate to engineering department for maintenance. Lift shall not be used until maintenance is successfully completed.

5.2.4 No material shall be transferred in open condition. While transferring the material, ensure that material is in closed condition.

5.2.5 In case of spillage happens inside the lift, it shall be immediately cleaned before next use.

5.3 Cleaning of lift or hoist car:

5.3.1 Ensure that the lift should be at lowest floor while cleaning.

5.3.2 Required personnel protective equipment while cleaning, such as hand gloves, nose mask, helmet, etc.

5.3.3 Display the “cleaning under progress” near to the door of the lift. Keep the doors open while cleaning.

5.3.4 Clean all inner parts of the car (except electrical fixtures) using wet lint free wipes (using RO treated water). Electrical fixtures shall be cleaned using clean dry wipes.

5.3.5 Any part of the clean is difficult to clean shall be cleaned using vacuum cleaner to remove any trapped dust/ materials.

5.3.6 Final wiping of the lift inner surface shall be cleaned using approved disinfectant (except electrical fixtures).

5.3.7 Clean the outer part/ door of the as per above steps.

5.4 Cleaning and sanitization of lift shaft:

5.4.1 Lift shaft area shall be cleaned with the help of engineering department personnel.

5.4.2 Intimate to the engineering department to lock the lift car at top floor and lift shall be stand still at top floor until cleaning operation is completed at bottom and lift shaft.

5.4.3 While accessing the lift shaft, use required PPEs such as helmet, nose mask, safety shoes, etc.

5.4.4 Verify the surrounding parts of lift and shaft area to verify any need of maintenance. If needed, maintenance needs to be done by engineering department before cleaning. This include, but not limited to painting, breakdown maintenance, or any other preventive measure.

5.4.5 Walls shall be cleaned using tools such as mopes, vacuum cleaner to remove any adhered dust from surrounding walls and from bottom parts.

5.4.6. While cleaning of walls, use appropriate tools such as ladder, safety belts for working at height etc.

5.4.7. After completion of cleaning, perform the fogging using validated process as per respective SOP for fogging of lift shaft.

6. Frequency

Cleaning of lift car: Daily once
Cleaning and fogging of lift shaft: Monthly

7. Formats

Format for cleaning of lift car

Sr. No.


Lift Id.

Cleaning Start time

Cleaning End time

Cleaned by

Checked by

Format for cleaning and sanitization of lift shaft

Sr. No.


Lift Id.

Cleaning start time

Cleaning end time

Fogging agent

Fogging start time

Fogging end time

Record of any other maintenance

Cleaned by Checked by

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