25+ Basic Computer keyboard Shortcut Keys

Awesome 25+ keyboard shortcuts you may not know

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Computer basic Shortcut Keys

If you are reading this article, I am sure that you must be using computer more frequently and want to improve your productivity at work place.

Shortcut keys are combinations of keys to make task easier and faster. You can be more productive if you are more focused on your core area rather than struggling to find commands in task bars or asking little things to others or your colleague. Sometime we feel hesitated to ask someone. Following keyboard shortcuts will help to become more productive at your workplace.

There are few common shortcuts everyone knows nowadays, however, there are many other keyboard shortcuts in Windows that most users aren’t familiar with, but it is very useful.

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts KeysDescriptionExample
WinKey-1+ 1, 2, 3…Windows key + 1 will open the first program in your taskbar, +2 will open second and so ontech publish Com image003① ②
WinKey-1+ MMinimize all windows 
WinKey-1+ DBring desktop at the top (or Minimize all windows) 
CTRL key + 1, 2, 3…By using CTRL + 1 will take you to the first tab in the browser without taking your hands off of the keyboard and CTRL + 2, 3 and so on will take you to corresponding tabstech publish Com image004① ②
WinKey-1and “+”Magnify windows screentech publish Com image005
Windows key +↑Maximize window 
WinKey-1+↓Minimize or Restore window 
CTRL + Shift + ESC Open the Task Manager at any time. This process can help you end processes which is hung, check performance and memory usage and may othertech publish Com image006
WinKey-1+ LLock windows, if you move away from computer for sometimes, this is handy shortcut 
CTRL + F5 Helpful browser shortcut – reload both the current web page and web page cache and can help resolve issues displaying or using certain webpages 
ALT + PrtScWill take screenshot of currently active window   
ALT + underlined letter Awesome shortcuts – you can operate most of the function without using mouse. This is very helpful if you stuck somewhere without mouse.
Click on ALT key. You will see underline or box pop-up on menu items. 
Use continue to press ALT key + underline or box word or number to use that particular function. In first example, if you want to use Edit menu, Click on ALT + E will open Edit menu.
tech publish Com image008ORtech publish Com image009

Common Windows keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts KeysDescriptionExample
CTRL+ASelect Alltech publish Com image010
F2Rename selected objecttech publish Com image011
F3Find all filestech publish Com image012
F4Opens file list drop-down in dialogstech publish Com image013
ALT+TABSwitch between open applications/ windows 
ALT+F4Quit program, close current window 
CTRL+ESCOpens Start menutech publish Com image014
CTRL+ALT+DELOpens task manager, reboots the computertech publish Com image015
CTRL+SHIFT+DRAGCreate shortcut (also right-click, drag) 
ESCCancel last function 
SHIFT – Press/ hold SHIFTinsert CD-ROM to bypass auto-play 
SHIFT + DRAGMove file 
SHIFT + F10Opens context menu ORRight-click at cursor 
SHIFT + DELETEDirectly delete bypassing Recycle Bin (You will not able to restore file from Recycle Bin) 


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