Dwell Time Calculation and Calculator

Dwell Time Calculation – impact on tablet manufacturing

Dwell Time Calculation impact on tablet manufacturing

Online Dwell time Calculator of tablet compression

What is Dwell time?

Dwell time of tablet compression is the time for which the tablet punch head remains in contact with the compression roller. That means the duration of time that the compression force applied when forming the tablet.

How it is helpful?

  • The Dwell Time Calculation helps to understand how long your tablet is under maximum compression.
  • This will help during scale up of batch from small scale R&D to batch production scale.
  • The longer the dwell time, the harder the tablet will become. This is because the energy created when compressing the tablets has time to dissipate and does not allow for the elasticity of the powders to spring back.

What is Formula for dwell time calculation?

image 80

dt = dwell time (milliseconds)
Dhf = head flat diameter (millimeters)
Dpc = pitch circle diameter of turret (millimeters)
rpm = revolutions per minute (turret speed)

image 78
image 79

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