Standard Operating Procedure for Handling and Storage of Standard Weights and periodic calibration
Standard Operating Procedure for Handling and Storage of Standard Weights and periodic calibration

Standard Operating Procedure for Handling and Storage of Standard Weights and periodic calibration

1. Purpose:

To provide a standard operating procedure for Handling and Storage of Standard Weights and periodic calibration

2. Scope

The scope of this SOP is applicable Handling and Storage of Standard Weights and periodic calibration at [company name].

3. Responsibility

User department personnel: Handling and Storage of Standard Weights, track the periodic calibration frequency of standard weights as per schedule and to maintain the copy certificate of calibration

User department head: To ensure compliance to the procedure

4. Definitions

Not applicable

5. Procedure

5.1 Procedure of handling and storage of standard weights:

5.1.1 Ensure that standard weight being used for routine use in the department must be in calibrated state.

5.1.2 Standard weights shall be stored in the Stainless Steel Trolley having cover to close it. The weights shall be store as per recommended storage condition by standard weight manufacturer.

5.1.3 Use personnel protective equipment such as hand gloves while handling of standard weights.

5.1.4 Standard weights shall be handled carefully to prevent any denting or damage.

5.1.5 In case of damage or denting (which may have potential for out of calibration), the standard weight should be removed from use.

5.1.6 Each weight box and each standard weight shall have unique identification number and that number should be part of the calibration certificate for its traceability.

5.1.7 Standard weights shall be cleaned using dry lint free duster after every use.

5.1.8 While transferring the standard weight trolley, from one room to another room, the wheel of the trolley must be cleaned to prevent any potential of contamination.

5.1.9 Calibration certificate shall be maintained within the standard weight trolley for ready reference.

5.1.10 In any case, calibration is not completed before its due date, the standard weight should not be used for weighing balance verification or calibration purpose.

5.2 Calibration of standard weights:

5.2.1 Ensure that the standard weight shall be calibrated before calibration validity gets over. Frequency of periodic calibration of standard weight shall be once in a year.

5.2.2 Standard weight shall be calibrated from authorized agencies such as, weight and measure controlling authority.

5.2.3 So not send all the standard weights at once to avoid any stoppage of operation. Arrangement of sending standard weight shall be done is such a way that at any given point of time, required standard weights must be available in the plant in calibrated state. When one set of standard weight received from calibration agency, another set shall be sent for calibration.

5.2.4 Standard weight shall be sent to the authorized agency, ‘Weights and Measures Controlling Authority’ with the help of instrumentation engineer in the plant. 

5.2.5 The engineer shall coordinate with the agency to get standard weight calibrated within the defined timeline.

5.2.6 While receiving the calibrated standard weights, verify the same for any probability of damage verify the received certificate for its correctness and also check that no weight is out of calibration.

5.2.7 In case of any weight found out of calibration, is shall be handled through out of calibration procedure to investigate the impact of it on previously done calibration in the plant.

5.2.8 One copy of calibration certificate should be maintained by engineering department and one copy shall be maintained by user department.

5.2.9 Standard weights shall be placed in the respective standard weights trolley.

5.2.10 When any weight found out of calibration, immediately new weight should be ordered so that routine operation shall not shop.

6. Frequency

Standard weight shall be calibrated once in a year. Calibration must be completed before calibration due date.

7. Formats

Standard Weight Calibration Tracker (Content)

Sr. No.

Standard Weight Box/ Trolley number

Standard Weight Number


Last Calibration Date

Next Calibration Due Date

Data Entry Done by

Data Entry Verified by

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