Pharma Interview Q and A Aug-8-21

August 8, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. Explain excipient classification based on objective of addition in dosage form.

Type of excipientObjective in dosage form
Improve organoleptic propertyColor Flavor Sweetener Masking of unpleasant test
StabilizersPreservative Antioxidant Emulsifier Suspending agent Isotonicity agent Maintaining pH and osmolarity
Dosage accuracyDiluent Filler Bulking agent
Process aidsBinder Glidant Lubricant Anti-adherent
Drug releaseDisintigrant Permiability enhancer Release rate limiting agent

2. What is immediate – release dosage form?

This is the dosage form intended to release the drug immediately after administration.

3. What is Delayed – release dosage form?

This is the dosage form where drug is not released until a physical event has occurred, e.g., change in pH etc.

4. What is sustained – release dosage form?

This is the dosage form where drug is released slowly over extended time.

5. What is soluble tablet?

Soluble tablets are those which is dissolve in water before administration.

6. What is Dispersible tablet?

Tablet is added to water to form a suspension to administer.

7. What is Effervescent tablet?

Tablet which is added into water. Tablet releases carbon dioxide to form an effervescent solution.

8. What is Chewable tablet?

To administer the dose, tablet is chewed and swallowed.

9. What is Chewable gum?

The formulation is chewed and removed from the mouth after a directed time as per the label claim.

10. What is Buccal and sublingual tablets?

The tablet which is placed in the oral cavity for local or systemic action called as Buccal and sublingual.

11. What is Orally disintegrating tablet?

The tablet which gets dissolved or disintegrated in the mouth without the need for water called as orally disintegrating tablet.

12. What is Lozenge?

Lozenge is slowly dissolving tablet designed to be sucked in mouth.

13. What is Pastille?

Pastille is the tablet consists of gelatin and glycerine that facilitate to dissolve tablets slowly in the mouth.

14. What is Hard gelatin capsule?

Hard gelatin capsule is two piece capsule shell that is filled with powder, granulate, tablets, semisolid or liquid in it.

15. What is Soft gelatin capsule (softgel)?

Soft gelatin capsule is one piece capsule that contains a liquid or semisolid filled in it.

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