Pharma Interview Q and A July-21-21

July 21, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What are the types of tablets? Or Classification of Tablets.

Classification of tablets by route of administration

Oral tablets for ingestion
Implantation tablets
Chewable tablets
Tablets used in the oral cavity
Buccal and sublingual tablets
Dental cones
Vaginal tablets
Tablets used to prepare solutions
Effervescent tablets
Dispensing tablets (DT)
Hypodermic tablets (HT)
Tablet triturates (TT)
Troches and lozenges

Classification of tablets by manufacturing process

Compressed tablets
Layered tablets
Sugar coated tablets
Film-coated tablets

Classification of tablets by onset of action

Immediate release tablets
Repeat-action tablets
Delayed-action and enteric coated tablets Controlled release tablets

2. What are the various types of tablets?

Following are various types of tablets.

  • Compressed Tablet (CT)
  • Sugar-Coated Tablets (SCT)
  • Film-Coated Tablets (FCT)
  • Enteric-Coated Tablets (ECT)
  • Multiple Compressed Tablets (MCT)
  • Layered Tablets
  • Press-Coated Tablets
  • Controlled-Release Tablets (CRT)
  • Tablets for Solution (CTS)
  • Effervescent Tablets
  • Compressed Suppositories or Inserts
  • Buccal and Sublingual Tablets
  • Molded Tablets or Tablet Triturates (TT)
  • Dispensing Tablets (DT)
  • Hypodermic Tablets (BT)
  • Compressed Tablets (CT)

3. What are the ingredients used to formulate or manufacture the various types of tablets?

Following are ingredients used to formulate or manufacture the various types of tablets.

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • Diluents
  • Binders
  • Lubricants
  • Glidants
  • Disintegrants
  • Coloring Agents
  • Flavoring Agents

4. Explain parts of compression machine.

  • Machine Hopper
  • Feeder System (force feeder/ gravity feeder)
    • Feeder housing
    • Feed peddles
  •  Punches System
    • Upper punch system
    • Lower punch system
  • Die System
  • Turret
  • Machine Cam Tracks
  • Powder Filling Station and Weight Control
  • Compression Rollers (Pre-compression, main-compression)
  • Tablet Press Ejection Cam
  • Take –off blade
  • Discharge Chute
  • Touch Screen Control Panel (HMI/ MMI)
  • Electric Motors, Gears and Belts
  • Lubrications Systems

5. What are the types of tablet press or compression machines?

Broadly, we there are two main types of tableting machines:

  • Single-station tablet press or compression
  • Multi-station tablet press or compression
    • Single rotary machine
    • Double rotary machine

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