Pharma Interview Q and A July-23-21

July 23, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What is a Tablet Deduster?

Deduster is an equipment used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry to remove surface dust from the tablets.

2. What are different types of tablet Deduster?

  • Rotary Vibrating Deduster
  • Uphill Deduster
  • Brush Type Deduster
  • Horizontal Deduster
  • Vertical Deduster
    i. Vertical Downward Conveying Deduster
    ii. Vertical Upward Conveying Deduster

3. Explain in details about different types of Tablet Deduster.

There are different types of tablet dedusters. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

a. Rotary Vibrating Tablet Deduster

Rotary Vibrating Tablet Deduster depend on rotation and vibration principles.

It has a vibrated helical path with a perforated sieve. As the tablets vibrate and spin along the helical path with perforated plate, burrs and dust are wiped from their surface. A dust extraction mechanism extracts the dust and the tablets drop into the collection container.

b. Uphill Tablet Deduster
Uphill tablet Dedusting machine depends on the vibration that removes burr and dust as it elevates the tablets. The deduster elevates and dedusts concurrently.

c. Brush Type Tablet Deduster
It consist of a helically wound brush installed within a stainless steel tube (same as screw conveyor) steered by an adjustable speed motor.

The brush pushes the tablets across the tube till they get to the discharge of the deduster at the top or end.

d. Horizontal Tablet Deduster
These types of tablet dedusters use perforated tube or perforated stainless steel plate that vibrates from one side to another. It is horizontal but slants downwards that the tablets fall as the vibration conveys them over a distance of around 1 meter.

e. Vertical Tablet Deduster
Vertical tablet dedusters are of two types, Downward Conveying Tablet Dedusters and Upward Conveying Tablet Dedusters. The working principle both types dedusters are similar.
The dedusters rely on spiral punctured trays on an anchored central column.

4. Which Material is used to make Tablet Dedusters?

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel forms the largest portion of tablet dedusters.
Acrylic: To make the windows.

5. Which Quality Standards should a Tablet Deduster Comply with?

a. Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) quality standards
b. ISO certification quality standards
c. CCC compliant
d. CE certification

6. How do you select the tablet deduster?

a. Height of compression machine and containers
b. Tablet Size
c. Output
d. Tablet Hardness and Features of Dust
e. Inclusion of Extra Components such as metal detector

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