Pharma Interview Q and A July-31-21

July 31, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What is Unit Dosing?

The division of a powder blend into uniform single portions for delivery to patients.

2. What are the Operating Principles of different equipment for Unit Dosing?

Types of Unit Dosing principleDetails of Principles
TablettingThe division of a powder blend in which compression force is applied to form a single unit dose.
EncapsulatingThe division of material into a hard gelatin capsule. Encapsulators should all have the following operating principles in common: rectification (orientation of the hard gelatin capsules), separation of capsule caps from bodies, dosing of fill material/formulation, rejoining of caps and bodies, and ejection of filled capsules.
Powder FillingThe division of a powder blend into a container closure system.

3. Equipment Classifications used for Unit Dosing.

Equipment typeSub classification descriptionSub classification
Tablet PressTablet press subclasses primarily are distinguished from one another by the method that the powder blend is delivered to the die cavity. Tablet presses can deliver powders without mechanical assistance (gravity), with mechanical assistance (power assisted), by rotational forces (centrifugal), and in two different locations where a tablet core is formed and subsequently an outer layer of coating material is applied (compression coating).• Gravity
• Power Assisted
• Centrifugal
• Compression Coating
Tablet PressTablet press subclasses are also distinguished from one another for some special types of tablets where more than one hopper and precise powder feeding mechanism might be necessary.• Multi-tablet press for micro/mini tablet • Multi-layer tablet press (bi-layer, tri-layer)
EncapsulatorEncapsulator subclasses primarily are distinguished from one another by the method that is used for introducing material into the capsule. Encapsulators can deliver materials with a rotating auger, vacuum, vibration of perforated plate, tamping into a bored disk (dosing disk), or cylindrical tubes fitted with pistons (dosator).• Auger
• Vacuum
• Vibratory
• Dosing Disk
• Dosator
Powder FillerSubclasses of powder fillers primarily are distinguished by the method used to deliver the predetermined amount for container fill.• Vacuum
• Auger


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