Pharma Interview Q and A Oct-6-21

October 06, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What types of growth promotion test (GPT) to be done for growth medium used to perform sterility testing?

● GPT for Fluid thioglycollate medium shall be done using Clostridium sporogenes, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus;

● GPT for Soya-bean casein digest medium shall be done using A. niger, B. subtilis, C. albicans.

The medium shall be inoculated with not more than 100 CFU and incubated for 3 days (bacteria) or 5 days (fungi).

Result: Clearly visible growth must be observed.

2 What should be incubation conditions and times for sterility testing?

Incubation conditions and times for sterility testing are as follows:

● Fluid Thioglycollate Medium at 30 – 35 °C

● Soya-bean Casein Digest Medium at 20 – 25 °C ● Total incubation period of 14 days with visual examination for turbidity.

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