Pharma Interview Q and A Sep-1-21

September 1, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. How isolate identification is useful during investigation of sterility testing failure?

Sterility test isolates should be identified to the species level. Microbiological monitoring data should be reviewed to determine if the organism is also found in laboratory and production environments, personnel, or product bioburden. Advanced identification methods (e.g., nucleic-acid based) are valuable for investigational purposes. When comparing results from environmental monitoring and sterility positives, both identifications should be performed using the same methodology.

2. What is the recommended material of construction for aseptic processing design?

Suitable materials should be chosen based on durability, as well as ease of cleaning and decontamination. For example, rigid wall construction incorporating stainless steel and glass materials is widely used.

3. What is expected classification of isolator and surrounding area?

The interior of the isolator should meet Class 100 (ISO 5) standards. The classification of the environment surrounding the isolator should be based on the design of its interfaces (e.g., transfer ports), as well as the number of transfers into and out of the isolator. A Class 100,000 (ISO 8) background is commonly used based on consideration of isolator design and manufacturing situations. An aseptic processing isolator should not be located in an unclassified room.

Reference: FDA Guidance for Industry: Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing – Current Good Manufacturing Practice – September 2004

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