SOP for Receipt, Handling, Qualification and Numbering of GC Column

Standard Operating Procedure for Receipt, Handling, Qualification and Numbering of GC Column

Standard Operating Procedure for Receipt, Handling, Qualification and Numbering of GC Column

1.0 Purpose:

To lay down a procedure for Receipt, Handling, Qualification and Numbering of Gas Chromatography (GC) Column.

2.0 Scope:

The scope of this SOP is applicable for Receipt, Handling, Qualification and Numbering of Gas Chromatography (GC) Column at [company name].

3.0 Responsibility:

QC-Personnel: To raise the Requisition, maintain the   inventory, Evaluation of column performance and Numbering of column.

Head-QC/Designee: To Monitor the Activity. Ensure the compliance of SOP.

4.0 Definitions:


5.0 Procedure:

5.1 Receipt of the GC columns shall be in accordance with the requisition raised by the Quality Control Department.

5.2 Ensure that the GC columns received are along with the manufacturer certificate and challan.

5.3 Place the GC column in appropriate storage conditions under lock and key.

5.4 GC columns shall be qualified for the product for which they are procured.

5.5 Follow the instructions provided by the supplier.

5.6 Columns received from R&D shall be qualified as per the qualification procedure and receipt shall be entered in the R&D Column Receipt Register.

5.7 GC column conditioning shall be done before every analysis until a flat baseline is obtained.

5.8 Handle the GC column carefully.

5.9 Care shall be taken while discarding the GC column.

5.10 For procurement of columns in the laboratory:

• The QC person shall raise the requisition of required GC columns in SAP.

• Purchase shall procure and deliver the column to the concerned person.

5.11 For receipt of columns or new columns in the laboratory:

• Issue the column from store along with challan.

• Check if the column specification is right or not and sign the challan as “Received By”. If the column does not match the requirement, put a remark as ‘Not received’ with proper reason and sign it. Prepare a challan and forward it to stores for further processing.

• After receiving the column in Quality Control Laboratory, concerned analyst shall do qualification of the column as per qualification procedure.

• After qualification, if performance tests are within limit, QC person shall allocate number and dedicate product name as per numbering procedure.

• If columns do not comply with system suitability test, those columns shall be rejected or sent back to party.

• Affix label on column showing Column Number.

• Record details of Column in Register.

5.12 Qualification Procedure:

• Before usage of column for first time, system suitability criteria of intended test in product shall be confirmed.

• Subjected column shall meet all system suitability criteria prior to routine analysis.

• Column qualification shall be documented in column qualification protocol.

• If column performance is found satisfactory, then column shall be issued for analysis by Head QC or designee and put initial in column of “Date in use” in “Column Inventory/Index”.

5.13 Numbering Procedure: Numbering for new Gas Chromatography (GC) column is given as follows:

[Define numbering system as per company policy]

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

The Column is said to be qualified if it meets the system suitability criteria given for the particular test in the product.

7.0 Frequency:

On Receipt of New column and whenever required.

8.0 Format for recording:

8.1 Format for “Column Usage Logbook”.

  Column Description:

  Column No.: 

DateGC Column Usage Time Start TimeEnd TimeName of Product/ MaterialTestBatch No.No. of Injection    Per AnalysisCumulativePerformance %RSDTheoretical PlateTailing FactorResolutionAnalyst  Checked ByRemark  

8.2 Format for “Analytical Protocol of GC Column Qualification”.

Analytical Protocol of GC Column Qualification  
Column Type :
Column Number :           
Qualification Date :
Product :
Test :
Reference Specification No. :
Reference Specification Rev. No. :
System Suitability  :
Resolution Observed  valueLimitTheoretical Plates Observed   valueLimitTailing Factor Observed   valueLimitObserved   Value % RSDLimit

Conclusion: The Column Qualified / Does Not Qualify for the intended use.

Qualified ByChecked ByApproved By

8.3 Format for “GC Column Receipt Register”.

Sr. No.Receipt DateColumn DescriptionColumn no.Received By/DateChecked By/ Date

8.4 Format for “Column Rejection Logbook”.

DateColumn No.Reason for RejectionRejected ByDiscarded ByChecked ByRemarks

8.5 Format for “GC Column Rejection / Destruction Report”.

Column No . (In-House) :

Make          :

Dimension    :

Particle Size  :

Sr. No .         :

Dedicated For :

Test                 :

Total no. of Injections:

Date of Issuance       :

Date of Destruction  :

System suitability parameterLimitObserved
Done ByChecked By

8.6 Format for “R&D Column Receipt Register”.

Sr. No.Receipt DateProduct NameColumn DescriptionColumn No.Received By/DateChecked By/ Date
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