SOP for Regeneration of Desiccant (Blue Silica Gel)

Standard Operating Procedure for Regeneration of Desiccant

Standard Operating Procedure for Regeneration of Desiccant (Blue Silica Gel)

1.0 Purpose:

To lay down a procedure for Regeneration of Desiccant (Blue Silica Gel).

2.0 Scope:

The scope of this SOP is applicable for Regeneration of Desiccant, in Laboratory Desiccators at [Company name].

3.0 Responsibility:

QC-personnel: Regeneration and Replacement of Silica Gel.

Head- QC/Designee: To monitor the activity.

4.0 Definitions:


5.0 Procedure:

5.1 Silica gel has to be regenerated once a week and when the color of the silica gel changes.

5.2 Store silica gel in steel drums, paper bags, cardboard boxes, or plastic bottles in a dry place.

5.3 Use a metal tray for drying silica gel.

5.4 Do not attempt to handle hot silica gel or the container until it has cooled to room temperature.

5.5 Do not use thin glass for drying.

5.6 Do not overheat the silica gel.

5.7 Ensure not to transfer silica gel from one container to another until it has thoroughly cooled down.

5.8 Silica gel should be kept away from moisture.

5.9 Wear appropriate clothing while handling silica gel because of its strong adsorption capacity, it may cause drying effects on human skin.

5.10 Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as nose masks, safety goggles, heat-resistant hand gloves, etc., while performing the activity.

5.11 Set the temperature of the oven between 100 – 120 ºC.

5.12 Spread the silica gel uniformly in a metal tray.

5.13 Allow the silica gel to dry for 2 hours and inspect the gel for color change. If it is still not dried, heat it with frequent stirring further until it regains its original deep blue color.

5.14 Cool the silica gel to room temperature and transfer it to a designated place.

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

After Drying Silica Gel should be of Deep Blue Color.

7.0 Frequency:

Regenerate once in a Week / in case Color of the Silica Gel Changes.

8.0 Format for recording:

Not applicable

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