SOP for Standard Operating Procedure for usage of Open Front Containment Booth (OFCB) for sampling of solvents

usage of Open Front Containment Booth (OFCB) for sampling of solvents

Standard Operating Procedure for usage of Open Front Containment Booth (OFCB) for sampling of solvents

1.0 Purpose:

To describe the method of using the Open Front Containment Booth (OFCB) for sampling solvents.

2.0 Scope:

This procedure is applicable to the sampling activity of solvents at [Company name].

3. 0 Responsibility: 

Quality Control PersonnelTo perform sampling and affixing status labels of solventsTo operate OFCB as per the procedure for sampling activity.
Quality Control SupervisorTo review the sampling activity and ensure the status labels are affixed as per laid down procedure
Manager / designee:Quality ControlTo monitor and ensure the activities are performed as per procedure
Quality AssuranceResponsible for the issuance of under test and sampled labelTo ensure compliance to the SOP.

4.0 Definitions:

Not applicable

5.0 Procedure:  

5.1. General Instructions:

5.1.1. Operation and usage of OFCB for sampling shall be as per respective operation SOP.

5.1.2.   Sampling shall be done by trained QC persons only.

5.1.3.   Ensure the OFCB is switched ON, cleaned and required differential pressure is shown on the Magnehelic gauge of the OFCB.

5.1.4.   Refer MSDS of the material for use of respective PPE, precautions during handling and spillage of material during sampling.

5.1.5.   OFCB shall be switched “OFF” after completion of all sampling activities.

5.1.6.   No sampling activity shall be performed in case of power failure of the OFCB or it is under breakdown condition/maintenance or any abnormal reading is observed in the pressure gauge. Immediately inform the engineering department for corrective action.

5.2. Procedure for entry and use of OFCB

5.2.1. Ornaments, bindi, wristwatch etc. shall be removed and kept in the locker.

5.2.2. Cleaned over gown, disposable cap and disposable shoes covers shall be worn before entering in the solvent sampling room.

5.2.3. Sampling kit with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for sampling such as solvent proof mask, safety goggles and solvent proof gloves shall be carried for sampling.

5.2.4. Use safety PPEs for category 3 products as per the SOP for Uniform.

5.2.5. QC person shall enter the OFCB solvent room through man entry only.

5.2.6. Cleanliness of the OFCB shall be checked properly and if necessary clean the OFCB.

5.3. Sampling procedure:

5.3.1. Only one container of a material/ product shall be opened, sampled and closed at a time.

5.3.2. Enter the container of solvent from the solvent quarantine area through material entry inside the OFCB for sampling.

5.3.3. Sampling shall be carried out using clean hand-gloves and glass containers which are earlier cleaned and wrapped in a clean poly bag labeled as “Cleaned”.

5.3.4. During sampling ensure the linear flow of air is not obstructed in any way by keeping the container inside the yellow line.

5.3.5. After sampling, the container shall be closed properly with a lid.

5.3.6. “Under Test” yellow colored label and “Sampled” white colored  with current edition labels shall be affixed on the container.

5.3.7. After the completion of sampling, close the lid of the container properly and the containers shall be shifted out of the OFCB through material entry into the solvent storage room.

5.3.8. Same procedure shall be followed for other containers.

5.3.9. In case of solvent spillage, clean the OFCB as per the procedure given in SOP.

5.3.10. Checklist for sampling of raw material shall be completed.

5.3.11. On completion of all sampling activities, “sample for analysis” label shall be affixed on all sampled containers and then the sampled container shall be placed in a polythene bag and “sample for analysis” label shall be affixed on the poly bag also.

5.4. Documentation: Record for usage of OFCB and pressure differential readings shall be maintained in respective format.         

5.5. Exiting the Sampling room:

5.5.1. Sampled containers shall be kept in the tray and the same shall be carried by the person through the man entry only.

5.5.2. Disposable gloves, disposable mask, disposable shoe covers and disposable cap shall be discarded properly in the bin.     

6.0 Acceptance Criteria:

Not Applicable

7.0 Frequency:

Not Applicable

8.0 Format for recording: 

Not applicable

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