Most effective brainstorming tool Fishbone

Root Cause Analysis Fishbone or cause-and-effect diagramRoot Cause Analysis Fishbone or cause-and-effect diagram


Tips to perform brainstorming while using Fishbone

  • Emphasize the causes of an occurrence, not the symptoms
  • Generate ideas as much as possible with the help of cross-functional team members one by one until all ideas are exhausted
  • Consider all ideas as equally important. Motivate all CFTs to partake in the brainstorming process
  • Considered that man/ people cannot be the root cause. Man will not make an error when the process, procedure, or system is deficient. Human tend to do the mistake all the time but system should be designed in such a way that, it will not allow a person to make any mistake.
  • While performing brainstorm, primary causes should be populated under the categories – Methods, Machines (equipment), Measurement, Materials, Environment (Mother Nature), and People (manpower).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fishbone Diagram:

  1. Advantages
    • Cause and effect of an underlying issue can be identified
    • Structured process of brainstorming
    • Maximum potential cause of an issue can be identified
    • Comprehensive
  2. Disadvantages
    • Hypothesis-based potential causes. It requires supporting information or pieces of evidence to confirm the cause
    • Confusion may get created because of inappropriate potential causes
    • Sometimes difficult to a fishbone diagram draw when an issue is complex

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