Pharma Interview Q and A July-26-21

July 26, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What is solution preparation vessel?

The solution preparation vessel is a closed tank used to prepare solution at room temperature or elevated temperature by using electrical heating or steam heating. To mix the solution homogeneously, it consists of stirrer to create vortex inside the solution.

2. What is the use of solution preparation vessel in pharmaceutical industry?

The solution preparation vessel is used to prepare various types of solutions such as binder solution, coating solution, heating of water, liquid preparations such as syrup, suspension, solutions, etc. The vessel is used to ensure a homogeneous mix.

3. Explain parts of solution preparation vessel and Material of Construction (MOC)?

• Tank – SS316 or SS316L
• Stirrer – SS316 or SS316L
• Thermal Insulation
• Motor
• Variable Frequency Drive
• Control Panel
• Pressure gauge for jacket
• Temperature sensor – Product contact part SS316 or SS316 L
• Discharge valve (Zero dead leg and sanitary type)(Note: Ball valve is not acceptable) – SS316 or SS316L
• Caster wheel for movement (Need based) – Polyurethane

4. What is vortex and how it is helpful for solution preparation?

A circular, spiral, or helical motion in a fluid. A vortex often forms around areas of low pressure and attracts the fluid (and the objects moving within it) toward its center.

Velocity in the vortex is maximum next to the axis and inversely decreases with the radius.

Vortex enhances the desired solubility of pharmaceutical binder solute into the various solvents.

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5. What should be characteristics of the solution preparation vessel?

• Zero dead leg and sanitary design components
• Stationary or mobile use
• Capable to handle wide temperature range (design as per requirement)
• The Internal surfaces of our preparation vessels are flush ground and mirror polished to <0.3 Microns Ra and electro-polished
• Easy to clean
• Adjustable speed of stirrer
• Adjustable temperature
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and EU Annex 11 Compliant
• Low maintenance and long service

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