Pharma Interview Q and A July 9 21

July 9, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

1. Which are typical in-process control test for tablets?






Weight variation

Content uniformity


Leakage testing for strip and blister packaging

Checking printing matter during packaging

Physical appearance of packs

2. Explain Disintegration time (DT) of different types of tablets?

Disintegration time (DT) of different types of tablets is as follows.

Types of tabletsDisintegration time (DT)
Uncoated15 minutes
Plain coated tablet60 minutes
Enteric coated tablet3 hours
Dispersible tablet3 minutes
Effervescent tablet˂ 3 minutes
Sublingual tablet4 hours
Buccal tablet4 hours
Vaginal tablet60 minutes
Chewable tabletnot required

3. What are the types of hardness testers?

Manual hardness tester

Monsanto tester

image 50

Pfizer tester

image 51


image 52

Automatic hardness testers

Erweka tester

image 53

Dr. Schleuniger tester

image 54

4. Which instruments are used for testing of tablet dimension?

A. Vernier caliper

image 55

1. Outside jaws: used to measure external length

2. Inside jaws: used to measure internal length

3. Depth probe: used to measure depth

4. Main scale (cm)

5. Main scale (inch)

6. Vernier (cm)

7. Vernier (inch)

8. Retainer: used to block/release movable part

B. Micrometer screw gauge

image 56

5. Which instruments is used for testing of tablet friability?

Roche friabilator is used for testing of tablet friability.

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