Pharma Interview Q and A Sep-14-21

September 14, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What microbiology testing is done in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility?

Following testing but not limited to are performed in the pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory.

A. Raw material/ packing material testing

B. Semi-finished/ in-process material testing

C. Finished product testing

D. Utility testing

→ Compressed gases

→ Steam

→ Pharmaceutical grade water (Purified water, water for injection)

→ Source water

E. Environmental Monitoring

F. Microbial identifications

G. Water activity

H. Disinfectant efficacy testing

I. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

J. Microbial immersion studies

K. Cleaning validation studies

L. Microbiological cultures hold time

2. What are the types of microbiology culture media used in the pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory?

Following are the types of culture media based on the physical state:

(a) Liquid culture media, also called “broth”

(b) Solid and semi-solid culture media, also called “agar”

The media are further divided into following categories depending on its use:

(a) Growth media (to grow most heterotrophic microorganisms)

(b) Transport media (for preserving the microorganisms)

(c) Enrichment media (to increase the numbers of required microorganisms)

(d) Selective growth media (allow certain types of organisms to grow, and inhibit the growth of other organisms)

2. What is a heterotrophic microorganism?

Heterotrophs are a group of microorganisms (yeast, moulds & bacteria) that use organic carbon as food.

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