Pharma Interview Q and A Sep-26-21

Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

September 26, 2021: Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

#TypesOfMicrobialIdentificationMethods #DifferencesBetweenPhenotypeAndGenotype #DifferentStainingTechniques

1. Explain types of microbial identification methods.

Identification methods can be divided into two types:

● Phenotypic

● Genotypic

2. What are the differences between Phenotype and Genotype?

● “Genotype” is an organism’s full hereditary information.

● “Phenotype” is an organism’s actual observed properties, such as morphology, development or behavior.

3. What are the different staining techniques used in the pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory?

● Gram-stain

● Bacterial spore stain

● Fungal staining

● Ziehl–Neelsen stain

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